Greetings from the OC!

Joined Jun 9, 2010
Hello everyone! I have enjoyed reading many of the forum postings on this site and felt it was time to join in. I am a self-taught food enthusiast, mother of five, caterer to about forty each week. I enjoy preparing everything from breads to stocks to sauces from home-grown produce to home brewed beer to ice creams and pastries. I love learning new techniques and am always looking for creative ideas and inspiration. I'm looking forward to much more time in the forums.   
Joined Jan 5, 2007
Hello - and welcome to ChefTalk!

I am another enthusiastic amateur - and we have all levels of ability on here, and from all over the world. My home is Scotland.  The diversity makes for interesting discussions,

Feel free to join in on any thread you find interesting - or start your own.  The Professional fora are 'read-only' to those members who aren't in the culinary industries - but make interesting reading!  The wonderful photography and articles are also worth a glance.
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