Greetings from the east coast

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Hello everyone, a student chef here, really new to this forum. One of my Chef Instructors recomended this site, and I am here checking things out.
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Glad to hear we have a friend in your instructor! Be sure to check out the Culinary Students forum for some insight that may be particularly relevant. Where are you in school? How has school gone so far?
Welcome to ChefTalk... looking forward to reading your posts!
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Hi Garlic,
I'll be watching for your posts...hope you can teach me something because I've never been to school! I know you'll enjoy this site. It's great that your teacher suggested it.
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Hi Garlicman and welcome to Cheftalk.

I'm happy you found us and are looking forward to your posts.

What is your background?
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Hello everyone, I am attending The Center for Culinary Arts in Shelton Connecticut Coming up on the end of my sophmor module (pardon the spelling). I spent way too many years doing work I didn't care much for, simply beacuse it paid the bills. I resisted the call to become a chef for as long as I could and finally gave in.
Read Anthony Bourdains book Kitchen Confidential several times and still decided to go for it. Eight months into the program I must say it hasn't been easy, but if it was everyone would be a chef!
I hope I have answered all your questions, and if not I will be returning soon.
Good to see you all,
Ok so I went back and re-read your responses, my background is in micro-electronics manufacturing, I studied mechnical watch repair after high school and went from there to manufacturing. I didnt realize I really loved to cook until about ten years ago. I eat sleep and dream about cooking and will talk at the slightest provocation with complete strangers about food and cooking.
I simply can't resist...
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