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    Hello, been lurking the forum for a while but finally decided to jump in.The last year has been an insane one; the highlight of which has been my new career path. Im 31 years old and last summer I decided to quit my job as a business consultant and pursue a career in the culinary field with zero experience in a professional kitchen. I wrote emails and called restaurants looking for stage opportunities and somehow  got a chance to stage for a JB award semifinalist here in San Antonio. Well, imagine my utter surprise and astonishment when they offered me a job at the end of my stage. Since I have moved up from pantry to hot line. It has been by far the most difficult, gut checking, grueling experience of my life, I come home reeking, sore and exhausted and in the mornings i feel like i went 12 rounds with 1980s Mike Tyson but i have never been prouder of myself. For the first time in my professional life I feel like I have a true sense of purpose. Looking forward to meeting and conversing with the many fine folks i have been reading these last couple of years.
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    You made one huge change--keep reading and start posting---welcome---Mike---
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    Aloha, Welcome to Chef Talk.

    What a journey it is that you’ve been on.  I hope that you will share some of that in the Culinary Student forums, I’d be willing to beat that you have a lot to offer those kids.

    I’m sure that you already know you're way around these parts, but if you have questions in regards to the site itself, go ahead and post them in the Feedback & Suggestion forum.

    We’re all here to share in all things food, even us Home cooks, we bring plenty to the table ever night.

    Check out on Face Book and Pinterest too!

    Once again, welcome!