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Last time I was this excited finding a forum was when I was a fledgling cheese maker and found a cheese forum I liked three years ago.  I've done a bit of "browsing" here but wanted to jump in because based on past experience if you join a forum you need to contribute to pay those you learn from back. I am a home sous vide cooking enthusiast but also own a small business that specializes in equipment for home and hobby cheesemakers and just added a sister site focused on sous vide.  We also have some products on Amazon and Ebay and our "signature" products for sous vide are our clear polycarbonate pans (up to 5 gal.) with custom covers that adapt to most commercial water bath circulators.  That said I have tried to be careful on the not to use if for any overt advertisement and want to do the same here and use forum resources for what they were intended for: learning and sharing.  I'll probably hang out on the SV threads but looking forward to checking out other discussions.  I have two sons who are chef wannabes in the up-state and will suggest to them to join the forum as well.  By the way, this forum has the best interface than I've ever seen so thanks to whoever is in charge.
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