Greetings from Scotland.

Joined Jul 14, 2018
Good evening fellow chefs.

Originally from dundee, but moved upto oban a few weeks back too further my career.

Been a chef of about 7 years, currently been a senior sous chef for the last 4 years.

First time joining a chefs forum. So looking forward to hearing from everyone.
Joined Jul 14, 2018
Believe it or not, as a Scottish chef. I can't stand haggis.

Neeps and tatties I can tolerate. But certainly not haggis.
Joined Oct 1, 2006
Hi Chef!

I'm with you on the Haggis. Once was enough!

I was in Edinburgh and asked about trying local foods or any local delicacy and was offered up a deep fried Snickers bar.

I had to laugh because beating a waiter doesn't usually work out well for anyone!
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