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    Hello to all!  I'm a moderately at-home chef, still learning of the flairs and flavors to experiment with.  I've been in my own kitchen for about 10 years now, looking to make the move from my current automotive career and into the culinary.  While I am still honing my abilities, I tend to experiment by hosting a dinner at a friend's house or at my own home.  Whit that said, I'm fully aware that there is more to being a chef besides knowing how to pan fry or what a bird's beak knife is.  I've done a bit of French cooking but am leaning more towards Italian, just because.  My main goal?  Jack of all trades, master of none.  Add my own variation of a popular dish or even come up with one on my own!

    I'm looking for advice, protips, what to watch out for, what doesn't go with what, and so on.  Cooking and baking is more than just a life skill for me.  It's almost therapeutic in its own shape and form.  I look forward to talking with you all!


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    Welcome David you found a good place to talk about career transition to the food world. Lots of discussion about the topic (I in fact transitioned out of the food world and into IT). You probably want to jump on over to the food and cooking forum it is a good place to start. Be sure to join the fun for the monthly challenges.