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Hi everyone. I'm a working dad with a lovely wife (who admittedly doesn't know her way around the kitchen but is starting to!) and two little kids who are still fairly limited in what they eat, so far. We have a small kitchen, no microwave. Electric stove (unfortunately, but I have to say not as bad as I thought it would be). Since we rent and don't own, we haven't had an opportunity yet to seriously mull over what might be our ideal kitchen. We make do with what we have, though I do enjoy the perks of owning a few toys, such as our Breville blender and juicer. I also own an ancient Cuisinart DLC-7 -- which I bought new when dinosaurs still roamed the earth. Speaking of which -- if anyone knows where I can get a solid quality replacement bowl and cover, I would be grateful. What else can I tell you -- we do our shopping at Whole Paycheck and Trader Joe's mostly, though I personally prefer the local Co-op. 
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Hi Vilmosz, and welcome to Chef Talk. I think you'll find a lot of inspiration here. You can browse the professionals' forums (although we home cooks mustn't post there) as well as browsing and posting in the general forums, too. We have about 10 years' worth of information here, so the search tool might be welcome!

As for having a kitchen with less-than-ideal appliances: your creativity will be stretched, as I'm sure you know! I rented for 18 years and made do with crummy electric stoves most of the time. My favorite stove-top pans were a wok and a soup pot. I had crummy non-stick pans until I wised up and started investing in better ones. Your juicer and blender would be godsends! I owned my Sunbeam food processor until just a couple of years ago; it was well over 20 years old. If you go to the Equipment forum and post a request about your bowl and cover, I'll bet someone will point you in the right direction.

Good luck! Visit her often, and your culinary wings will make you soar.
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