Greetings from Philadelphia!

Joined Jun 8, 2010
Hey guys!

I'm just a new member looking to attend a culinary school sometime in the near future...hope to learn a lot from here!
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Hello and welcome to Chef Talk. In what area of culinary arts are you interested? How did you become interested in cooking?

If you're interested in culinary school at some point, you'll want to have a look at the Culinary Schools/Students' forum here. Just about every question that could be asked about schools (which one, which location, etc.) has been asked- and hopefully- answered ther, so I recommend using the search tool before you post, as the answer may await you here.

We hope you browse the forum and enjoy the vibe here. You're welcome to read all fo the forums, but we non-pros should post only in the general forums. Let us know if you have questions about the site.

Welcome, and good luck to you!

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