Greetings from Orlando (sort of)

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Hello, I've stumbled across this site and decided to sign up. I'm a 28 y/o culinary student, husband and father of 4 kids. I lost my job back in May and decided to use my G.I. Bill to pursue my love of cooking as a profession. I specifically just want to interact with other people in the industry. I live in Titusville, FL and commute to Orlando every day to attend Le Cordon Bleu Orlando. I still have about a year to go.

Quick question. I'm currently paid from the G.I. bill and I work part time slinging ribs at a Bar B Q joint. Would it be better to try and find a job now, or wait until the pressures of school are gone? (aside from extern obviously)


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Welcome to cheftalk. First off thanks for your service. secondly, I would wait till class is over, would hate to have time constraints pinch you and lose a good job. I would focus on learning and then go find the job you really want. In the meantime, it may just be a rib joint, but it's experience. Plenty of time for higher stress jobs when you don't have so much on your plate.
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