Greetings from NYC

Joined Nov 6, 2001

My name is Melina and I am glad to be here.
You have met my other half , my twin sister ...Athenaeus!
You are a very vivid Internet community.
I love cooking especially low fat food!

I will be around.



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Welcome Melina,

It is good to have another Greek around. If you have any questions please feel free to email me or any of the moderators.
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Very nice to meet you. Athenaeus has won many hearts here, so it's a pleasure to hear from her twin. (BTW, there are quite a few of us here in NYC!)
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Hi Melina,

Welcome to cheftalk.
Any friend of Atheneas is a friend of ours :)
Just watch out for James Bond :p
Joined Mar 13, 2001
Hello Melina and welcome to our cyber community.

I am sure we will enjoy you as much as your twin sister.


Oops silly me, I forgot to ask: which of you is the eldest :bounce:
Joined Jul 24, 2001
Hi Mel!
Welcome on board!

I think that you can help here with your talent to transform the most fattening recipe into a non fat but still delicious one!

Melina is performing some experiments on how chocolate can be used without being fattening ;)

What I Love with Internet is that your identical twin sister cannot fool your friends about her identity!!
If "Athenaeus" starts behaving in a strange way, ask her to talk to you in Latin.
This is the reason I learned Latin!!:D

Oh Kimmie I am the oldest!
Joined Apr 30, 2001
Welcome Melina! I love you already if you can make chocolate helathy!

We shall have to talk about my theory that chocolate is really a vegetable.

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Oh no! It's The Patty Duke Show, ChefTalk Style:eek:

Welcome Melina. It's always nice to have another New Yorker around :)
Joined Nov 6, 2001
Thank you everybody!

I think Im gonna use this vegetable argument Nancy!

I think I realize what you were talking about Cape Chef! ;)

Yeap! Always nice meeting New Yorkers!
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Ti Kanis! Welcome to Chef Talk! I hope I remember enough of my Greek to say that properly. Please tell us a bit about yourself, Melina. Are you a lawyer like your sister?
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Dear Mezzaluna.

Eimai kala efxaristo! Your Greek sound great!

No I am not a lawyer, I am involved in the fashion business. Nothing creative, just a retired to be model.
We are a strange family I think.
My dad and Athenaeus are the always serious and the scientific minds and the hard working (and good cooks both of them), my mom and I chose the world of fashion.
I love cooking also but I cannot eat too much that's why I try to be a bit creative in low fat cooking!

Afra you must be the bookworm my sister was telling me about ;)

I gotta go! It's very late now!
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Hey Afra!
Check on the web about people from Mani -Greece. Mani is the area my family comes from.
We are vicious killers...

Who ever makes fun of you he/she is BIG trouble cherie...

She is not making fun of you!
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I have pledged all the money in our "cus bucket" in the kitchen
to the purchase your, no fat, no calorie, chocolate recipes.
3 month old, 3-door reach-in, down today-- no tellen how much I owe the bucket tomorrow.
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Thanks Panini.

I visited your site.

I 'll tell what we are going to do.
You will have me in a picture eating your cakes and suggesting that all this sugar your are using is harmless.


Here is my secret for calorie free chocolate.

Eat a bar of chocolate and afterwards jog for 2 hours and excercise on the boxing sac for another hour.
There you are!
Free of calories!
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