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    Hey y'all,

    My name is Laura, I am from New Orleans, Louisiana.   I like to cook and I LOVE to bake.  I think I have sweet teeth instead of a sweet tooth, because I seem to love sweets like a little kid.  And I truly want to learn to love vegetables now more then ever, because I am trying not to eat meat.  I like meat, I just hate the way our animals are treated before they get to my plate.  It's only been a week for me not eating meat, but I've felt this way for a while now.  I did eat fish and I think I could still eat seafood without feeling guilty.

    I wouldn't have any problem eating meat that was hunted or came from somewhere other then crammed and abused in factories.  I am still cooking meat in my home for my fiance & my daughter, I don't have a problem with what others eat.  I don't lecture or tell others what they should and shouldn't eat.  The reason I am not eating meat is, because it's hard for me not to think about what I know and have seen in certain documentaries while trying to eat it myself. 

    I love animals I've always had animals growing up and we have them now.  We have 2 dogs, 1 cat, 1 bird and 1 guinea pig living with us they are all adopted except for the guinea pig.  Anyway I thought maybe I could learn how to make vegetables taste great or at least taste good. :)

    I look forward to learning and sharing what I know with y'all and making some new friends too.
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    Aloha, Welcome to Chef Talk Laura.

    This is a great Community, so many different culinary skill levels from all around the Globe. New Orleans is someplace I've wanted to take a culinary tour in. 

    Feel free to join the conversation or start one in the relevant thread.  A note on that, folks not employed in the food industries are asked to read only in the Pro forums.

    Don’t pass over the Articles, Reviews and Gallery; there are some fantastic photos of folks work and fun stuff too.  Try the Search bar at the top of the page when looking for an interest; a lot of topics have gone around the block a few times already.  Also, if you have questions in regards to Chef Talk’s website once you’ve read the Tutorials, FAQ and Community Guidelines, you can post those in the Feedback & Suggestion forum. 

    Whatever you do, have a good time doing it!