Greetings from Naples Florida

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Well I had a few minutes to finally sit down and say we have a couple of odd events coming up that are throwing me for a loop and I know there will be plenty of advice to be had on the catering forum.

Quick profile...relocated to Fl. from Cape Cod 12yrs. ago. Sold full service catering co up North back then w/the decision to focus on a more specialized type catering again here in Fl. Be careful what you wish for ( we were hoping to downsize ).......just had all our trucks/vans(6) and kitchen trailers(3) painted and logo wrapped last week and it looks like we are already in for a great season. Just not sure if vehicle advertising may work against may end up being alot of silly phone calls by people with way to much time on their hands and us, having to take the time to write out menus, proposals and basically chit chat to people that will end up going to Costco anyway!! For 12 yrs. we have never advertised ( not even a sign ) word of mouth only but it looks like things are changing.

My other hobby is Showing/Breeding miniature horses. We have 17 adult horses and had 4 babies this yr. I also have 3 more that are in Oregon and they live at their trainers farm. The biggest horse is 36' and my smallest full grown is 27" ....course the babies are only about 20". We also have 4 German Shepherds that we no longer show and they are all pretty much just living the good life!! My biggest problem is getting to the commissary w/out having pet hairs all over me!!!

We have even named our horses and dogs after food

 DogsBeef Brisket....Brisky



            Daiquiri             Horses:  Skillet,S'mores,Peanut,PopCorn,Sushi,Tetaki,FruitCake

                                                 SteamShip,Wok this Way,StirFry,Popsicle,TopChef....etc
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Welcome to Cheftalk!

Goodness, you have a full and varied life, don't you?

I don't know anything about Naples in Florida - but adore the 'real' Naples!

I hope you will enjoy reading some of the amazing articles on here and also view some of the photographs, which are truly outstanding.

Feel free to join in on any thread you find interesting, or start your own!
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Here's hoping for a great season in 

Florida ....please let us know the outcome of your advertising on trucks.
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Hi Skillet- let me add my welcome. I have family living in Naples, so I know how beautiful it can be. In season you have plenty of time to look around, as the traffic is pretty much bumper-to-bumper! I'm not sure about people going to Costco- at least not a lot of the high end clients. They prefer to "let somebody else do it", don't they? I've heard of some pretty 'out there' parties, complete with camels and other exotic additions.

I hope your business prospers, and your animals remain healthy and happy. By the way, my Naples relative had a cat named Sushi long ago. Seems to be a popular name now.

Good luck!

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Wow Skillet, what a very busy life u have! I am a fellow newbie to Cheftalk and also a Floridan (Ft. Lauderdale/Pembroke Pines) ... nice to meet ya!
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Welcome to Sunny Florida. A place that would not be if it had not been for the invention of Air Conditioning and a mouse called Mickey.

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