Greetings from Montreal

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Sooooo here i am!!

Ive been subscribe to many forum about many subject ad it never occured to me to check out cooking forum and this morning Ive stumbled upon Cheftalk.

Timing is great since last week my wife and I decided to equiped ourselves properly since we care a great deal about what we eat but we are no where near equip to cook everything as its best.

My "favorite" pan is a give or take 5 years old T fal pan that by some weird incident is not round anymore and the lid dont fit on it since then. So with that being said you guys understand why we need to step it up a notch.

We live in Montreal where there is soooo many good restaurant that its hard to resist so as an incentive we are gonna take that 100$ or 200$ a week that we usually spend in restaurant and buy a quality kitchen item that we need.

We really care about what we eat always buying from local farmer's market and organic well treated meat and what not and the bills for food are pretty high so with that in mind we bought ourselves a small hobby farm (2 acre looking to expand to 5 acres within a year or two) and we want to get the very best food we can get from our little farm.

There is only one thing i feel like ive mastered as far as cooking goes and its my barbecue i use a coal kamado style barbecue and its the only place i realllly feel confident in the kitchen other than that i am learning quite fast and ive actually made my first pasta from scratch this last monday to surprise my wife after a long day of work and she liked them very much. (Sometimes i feel like she isnt the best critic because she likes me so much, altho every now and then she wont shy away from telling me how bad it taste.)

So thats about it for me this morning looking forward to browsing this forum and learn from the bests.

Have a great day!
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There was a recent thread re outfitting a kitchen from the ground up.

Lots of real pearls from long time cooks (home and pro).

You might find it helpful on this new path to better eating.

Welcome to Chef Talk (see ya around!)

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