Greetings from Louisville Kentucky

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My name is Michele and I'm a newbie on this site but I'm not new to the culinary world. I first started working in restaurants in 1976 at age 16. I've pretty much been here ever since. During the course of my career I've owned a personal chef service, catering company and cafe. I also taught the Continuing Education Classes for the University of Louisville. I have never really been to culinary school, I learned my craft from the great chefs I have worked with over the years.
My dream, which I'm working on to make it happen, is to relocate to the US Virgin Islands in 3 years and open a beach hot spot. :roll:

Nice to be here with yall!!
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Hello, Michele, and welcome to Chef Talk. You certainly have a wealth of experience, and I hope you find many ways to share it with everyone here. Your future goal is one worth pursuing!

I hope you've had some time to explore the site and get an idea for what's here. We'll look forward to your participation in this community.

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