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Hello all,

I'm a food hack with moldy dreams of opening my own restaurant, and now am instead looking to supplement my income and enjoy my time cooking for others as a private chef.  

My first venture into cooking was at age 18 as I served in the military over in Spain.  The Spanish firemen I worked with taught me many great tips, and from there the love of food began. Having lived all over the world since then, and having worked as a line and prep cook in various restaurants while in college, I have the basics and have been adding to that ever since.  

My passion is for the foods that generally lay in the path of the French and Spanish from deep in the Med through the Caribbean up into the New Orleans marsh.   I also have a strong love affair with baking, French and German breads, and many sweets.  I also brew my own beer, with my favorite being Oktoberfest Marzen and Bavarian Helles (from my time living in wonderful Munich).  I love to discuss the finer points of beer, breads, boudin or shrimp while entertaining guests and making people smile.  

So I'm hoping this forum will be a great place to exchange ideas, learn new things, and craft my options to serve great food and drink to those around me, maybe for a profit!  Not looking for millions, just a few extra bucks to supplement the income and save for retirement and the kids.  Mostly to do what I love, pleasing people with food and drink created by me.  

If you read this far - thank you and I hope to get to know a few of you really well!  

Cheers - Edward


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Welcome to ChefTalk. Wow sounds like you have some great opportunities in front of you. If it were my choice I would be a private chef rather than the head ache of running a restaurant. You will probably have better life with out the stress and costs of running a big operation.
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