Greetings from Florida ☀

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Hello there!

I'm Gonzalo from Fort Lauderdale.

I am willing to continue learning and I think I will find a lot here!

I'm focusing my recipes on healthy meals but easy to access for everyone :cool:. I believe all people should know how to take care of his body but finding delicious and healthy food in they lives.

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Gonz Arhus, can I ask you where do you usually purchase baked goods in Florida, and espeically in areas nearby Miami, like Fort Lauderdale? I've heard a lot of positive recommendations about bakery fort lauderdale store. Did you hear something about them? Cause I want to order some baked goods from them.


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Welcome to ChefTalk glad you joined up. Healthy food is always a good thing right? I started eating better about 2 years ago and was amazed at how much better I feel.

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