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Hello Everyone. Stuck in Baghdad so I have alot of time to kill. Was surfing for an out of print book called "New Currents in American Cuisine" by Keith Keogh. The only source that mentions it is The Editor suggested I join a chefs forum and ask around. I have been competing in culinary art shows for about 10 years and I continue to seek the perfection that Thomas Keller says we will never acheive. But it sure is fun to try, and even better when you win! Getting cold here now but the mosquitos are still out. Kellog Brown and Root has taken over feeding operations, so I don't cook, for which I am grateful. They have acouple British chefs that totally suck. It breaks my heart when I know how good the food should look and taste. It always seems that the larger the quantity, the poorer the quality. I just finished reading "A Cooks Tour" by AB, "The Kitchen and The Chef by NF, and am waiting on "California Dish" by JT. I'll keep it short and hope for a friendly reply. Thanks for having me, Waltersg69.
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Waltersg69, it's an honor to welcome you to Chef Talk. We will be eager to exchange culinary news and information with you. It's a pity you probably have no chance to learn about the local cuisine!

I hope others here can answer your request. In the mean time, please feel free to browse and post as you like.

We owe you and your colleagues great respect and thanks for your service on all our behalfs.

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Amen Mezzaluna! I also want to thank you for your service and let you know that we support our troops and all that you are doing! God Bless!
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How dare you sir, will it be pistols or swords at dawn,come to think of it we could do it with blackhawks & f16s.
Seriously though welcome to cheftalk,good luck with the booksearch,keep your head down.
How can British chefs get fries,burgers n chicken wrong defeats me.....just kiddin.


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I also would like to thank you for what you for your service during the war. In regards to the book have you checked out ebay?

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