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    My name is Resa, I'm 30 and up until a few weeks ago, I was pursuing a nursing degree. I have always loved being in the kitchen and since I was a teenager, I bake cakes for all my friends' special occasions. I should have known better than to go for something that doesn't inspire passion in me. I am glad I found out that nursing isn't what I wanted to do three semesters in, while I still had time and money to change that. I start the patisserie degree program at LCB Atlanta in July and I am elated. So, I am looking forward to getting to know some of you here, swap recipes and stuff. So yeah, in a nutshell, that's me. :) 
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    Hi Resa, welcome. Wow what a switch I hope you are happy with it. Being on the other side (cooking to software developer) I have a completely different perspective and would say stick with the nursing degree. However, you should try it and you might find how much you enjoy working in pastry. My quick advice is it seems best when you can start your own business. Working for someone else in the hospitality industry gets very old after while and the hours can be nuts. The hours are also very heavy running your own business but at least you are the boss.

    We encourage all culinary students to post a review of their culinary school and if you would be willing to do that we would appreciate that. Thanks!
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    You and I have similar stories. I recently left Healthcare and dropped out of nursing school to pursue the BOH life. I don't know much about the pastry chef side of things, but good luck and keep that passion alive and kicking!