Greetings from across the pond

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Hi all,

My name is Matt and I'm from England. I'm into my cooking and like to try making lots of different kinds of foods.

The English culture almost relies on curries, which is my favourite thing to make as I enjoy the smells of the spices.

I'm currently working my way through phases of world cuisine. Currently I'm doing Italian food so my pasta maker is getting a lot of use! Next will be Spain/Mexico I think.

I've recently become a Dad. My son, Fletcher, is a month old and I'm really looking forward to giving him lots of things to try as he gets older.

I look forward to some yummy discussions. :)
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Hello, from the same side of the pond.  I'm Scots!

Whilst I love curries, too (Glasgow is a great centre for trying new style curries) - I think our food heritage is much richer than just imported stuff - what about a wonderful roast beef, or a haunch of venison, or some of our wonderful puddings?!

I hope you'll enjoy interacting on here - we have all levels of culinary ability (I'm an enthusiastic amateur, but I've been on lots of courses at various cookery schools - everything from a one day Jean Christoph Novelli, to a 6 week cordon bleu, Paris!) on here from those beginning their culinary adventures to masterchefs. Any questions you might have will almost certainly find an answer here!

The photographs, articles, wikis and blogs, reviews on here are well worth a look.  The professional fora are 'read-only' for those of us who are not in the culinary trades, but they still make fascinating reading.  I've certainly gained a new insight into the workings of professional kitchens!

Feel free to join in on any thread you find interesting, or start your own.
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