Greetings from a visually impaired culinary professional! =^_^=

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I am a visually impaired culinary professional and a Food Studies grad student at a private university in California. Due to an accident in the kitchen, I am mostly blind, live in a world of seeing only light and silhouettes, and yet I still continue pursue what I am passionate about. It would be great to connect with others on here who are para friendly too. /img/vbsmilies/smilies/thumb.gif


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Hi Jay,

Really glad you joined and I am sorry to hear about your accident. It is very inspiring to me that you are still pursuing your dream in spite of what happened. I would imagine that over time your sense of smell and taste will be more refined than the average chef/cook and that will be a huge plus for you. 
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HI Jay, welcome to Cheftalk. When I went to my sons graduation from culinary school I noticed someone signing to a girl in his class. The girl was hearing impaired and graduated at the top of the class. I was really impressed with her and would have hired her in a heartbeat. I'm not sure what obstacles you face in pursuing your dream but, I comment you for your passion and drive to succeed. Let us know what kind of help you may need to accomplish your goals in the culinary industry......The best.....Chefbill
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