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Hi All! My name is Jessica. I quit my job at an investment bank in NYC 5 years ago to follow my husband abroad for his career which meant living in Seoul, before trading kimchi for borscht and landing in Kiev (until the revolution) and now Bucharest. I've always loved cooking (my mother and grandmother each owned their own b&b's so hospitality is in my blood) and now I've finally convinced my husband to support a career change and send me to culinary school! Before enrolling, I'm planning to go back to the U.S. to do an internship for the summer at a chain of restaurants which run the gamet from fine dining to sports bars to prove to myself that I'm really cut out for the grind I'm told is required in this industry. I'll be doing everything from washing dishes to shadowing upper management. I'm hoping to get some catering exposure as well. In the meantime, I've been analyzing the cost/benefits of a CIA or LCB vs. a smaller and shorter cirriculum at a perhaps less prestigious school and am leaning towards somewhere in Europe so that I'll still be close to my husband. Looking forward to chatting with some of you and reading the great advice in this helpful site! Cheers!


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Welcome to ChefTalk. I just want to say you are making all the right choices. Working in various types of establishments before spending a ton of money on school is smart. So many don't find out what the life is like before the go into deep debt getting a culinary degree. Remember when you are in the thick of it and working that 20th Saturday night without your husband to ask your self "Can I really be away from my family this much 15 years down the road?". Also remember don't lock yourself into one particular area of food like most of us do. There is a universe of food service so explore your options. Often times alternate choices give you more time with your family.

Glad to have you and please when you attend a school post a review here for other future culinary students.
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