Greetings everyone!

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    Greetings you food lovers!

    My name is Jeremy and I am a young home cook living in the actually snow-laden province of Quebec, Canada. As stated:  , I stumbled upon this really compelling site by looking to sharpen my knowledge on kitchen knives *badum-tss* Nah seriously I have been introduced at an early age to the arts and joys of cooking and being improving both my interest and technique ever since, always exploring around-the-world cuisines. At the moment I am living with friends and I am the designated "master chef", but I am a humble self-taught student, seeking knowledge wherever I encounter it. I am really looking forward to explore further than the kitchen knives section and deepen my passion of food and cooking with equally enthusiastic members of all backgrounds and ages!
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    Welcome, we are glad to have you. ChefTalk definitely has a passionate group to discuss chef knives so glad you found what you are looking for. Let us know if you have any questions.