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My father and I bought an old general store in August. It's been in business since 1860. The previous owners installed a commercial kitchen on the north side of the building and then closed the business. Well, when we bought it, aside from the kitchen, the whole interior was in pretty rough shape; water stained drop ceiling, wood floor caked with 150 years of filth, and the most jerry-rigged electrical setup ever.

We've been plugging away night and day, the master electrician has brought everthing up to code, we sanded the floorboards to discover beautiful golden maple and curley maple boards, hung track lighting, and painted everything a nice clean white, with a muted tan trim, dare I say 'sandlewood' sorry, inside joke.

So, all the hard work is done....yeah right.

Time to get the kitchen going. We plan on opening right after the new year, everything is on schedule, we have almost everything ordered aside from fresh produce and meat of course.

I have worked on a line before, I cook frequently and feel I have a good idea of what I am doing, however no formal training.

So, I got rid of a 20+ year old blodgett convection and bought a used blodgett 999c stone pizza deck oven. I have a 6 burner range with a flat griddle and two ovens, all set up for propane. I have a bakers wood table, a sandwich prep bar a two door refregerator and a single door freezer. Hobart mixer and a hobart meat grinder, a deli slicer, a roll in refrigerator for racks, a triple well sink-no dishwasher BAH!, 8 foot ss prep table, smaller prep table, and a commercial microwave. No fryer, yay! right?

We are going to do only take out, no dine in, and I have my menu pretty much done.

Pizza, Salads, Subs, Soups, Asian style noodle dishes (pad thai etc), classic cold deli salads and prepared foods as well as hamburgers and hot dogs and the regular "rural tasting" options.

Got my pizza dough down, harder than I thought, so to all those bakers, respect.

So that's me. I'm happy this forum exists and look forward to meeting everyone. Aside from working on a line with one menu and cooking for myself and family, I have no other culinary experience. Any helpful information or suggestions would be much appreciated.


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Hello Everyone Welcome to here all of you.

I am new here and this is my first posting.
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Welcome to you both.

Goodness, short-rib - sounds like you have a busy, busy schedule. Good luck with your opening in the new year. I hope everything goes well for you.

If you have any questions, I am sure that some of our members will be able to help. We have all levels of skill on here, from those just starting out on their culinary journey - and they are based all over the world, so you're bound to get lots and LOTS of opinions!

Good luck in your endeavours!
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