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I am new to this board but have a good knowledge of it since its humble beginnings. I am a chef from Steamboat Springs, CO and have been in the business for nearly 40 years!!! I'm 54. My name is David Nelson. In the late 90's my partners and I co-founded and successfully operated that site until 2006 when we sold it with over 800,000 pages of content. That was a blast! The same partners and I have just launched and will build that out over the next few years. In its infancy, it is a ranking site for all things culinary, but there will be plenty of great things to come.

I am still an active Private Chef for my best clients and still do some catering in the summer time when in Steamboat. The rest of the time I hang in front of my computer as I have several site to look after. I also own and administer, a non-profit aimed a giving out Culinary Grants to struggling students in the US and abroad. I live in Mesa, AZ when it is cold up north!

Looking forward to playing on your very active forums.
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Welcome, Chef David. If you've been a visitor here over the 10 years of Chef Talk's life, you know what we have going here. I'm a home cook (as many of our members are) and find the Chef Talk community invaluable to my culinary development. I know pros who feel the same. 

Enjoy the community and the site!


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Welcome David!  I'm relatively new here seeing as t he site has been around for ten years but it is a great place and the first place I come to when I am looking for advice!
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Thanks leeniek,

Loooking forward to interacting here! do you get a signature like on your thread?
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Hello all!  I am 26 and started cooking at home about 5 years ago. I have never been to culinary school or many cooking classes, so forgive me if I sound like an idiot sometimes. :)  I am obsessed with all things culinary/cooking related and just now thought about joining a "cooking forum."  I live in South Texas and just spend the weekend in San Antonio where I had an awesome dinner at Francesca's at Sunset in the Westin La Cantera.  I also went to a cooking demo (not so great) at Williams-Sonoma yesterday.  Today they had a Knife Skills technique class which I found very interesting.  I ended up buying a Shun Kaji chef's knife after testing out (cutting celery) with 6 different knives (western and asian style).  I read many reviews on the way home (while hubby was driving), and have to say, I am pleased with my purchase.  I use alot of veggies in cooking, so I thought this would be a better all-purpose knife for me than my J.A. Henckals (spelling?) set, although I do like the bread knife and the steak knives in that set.  Anyway, I just wanted to introduce myself to everyone.  Talk to you all soon!
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