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Joined Apr 6, 2010
I'm new to the forum, from San Diego California. Thought I would drop in and introduce myself:

I'm 23, just starting culinary school. I never learned to cook growing up and how I got "into it" was completely by accident. Last semester (I'm learning at a community college) I took a baking class just for the reason that I wanted to learn some recipes to cook for my fiance.

By week 5 I noticed this was something I actually loved, was good at and have a passion for. I do not plan to be a pastry chef mostly because I find that cooking offers more of an art and is not as exact.

I have very little knowledge of the culinary field but am learning quickly and hope I can provide a positive element to this forum.
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Hi Zane, and welcome to Chef Talk. We hope you enjoy exploring the site and digging into our 10 years' worth of cooking discussions and more. The search tool will help you sift through it all.

We hope you participate often to share and learn. Welcome!
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