Greetings and Salutations From Sunny South Africa (that's a lie in winter, it's freaking cold)

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Hello all!

I'm Kat, and have been a home cook since I could experiment in the kitchen without getting into trouble.

I doubt my skills are anything particularly amazing, but I do like to learn new techniques and get great inspiration.

My current obsession is Australian MasterChef, I know - a lot of that stuff is staged, but the food is so brilliant and inspired.

I'm 39 and living in South Africa for the next couple months before life returns me to the USA to finish up my masters degree.

I'm really horrible at these things, so I'll just end it by saying if you want to know absolutely anything, you can ask :)  I'm a friendly, sunny and personable sort.

Nice to "meet" you all!

Looking forward to lurking here and stealing tons of secret cooking tips :D


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HI welcome and hope your time spent here is good time!  :)
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