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Hey Everyone,
I stumbled across this site and think that its really great! I have been cooking for fourteen years am a C.I.A. grad and have been an executive chef for six going on seven years since age 22. I have developed a reputation as one of the Boston suburbs best chefs. As the owner of Infusions Bistro and Catering I saw my restaurant as the pulpit to spread my love of local farming (obviously the best ingredients are available locally). I have strong beleifs regarding both ethical and sustainable farming, ranching and dairy production. I am an absolute expert when it comes to preparing in season New England Cuisine, my localvore obsession was year long, cold winter months in New England that never wanted to end melted into a bountiful array of fresh fruits and vegetables with limited seasonality. There's actually farmers growing apricots here that have a season no longer than three weeks, every heard of a pluot or kouza squash the abundance of variety of New England produce was nearly limitless in season, in the winter it was squashes, apples, potatoes, root vegetables and cabbages. I supplemented these ingredients with in house preserved fruits and vegetables that I would preserve at the height of season and then prepare when the feeling struck. My menu would change four out of five days inspired by visiting local farms on a daily basis and developing relationships with local dairies and ranches. Unfortunately the economy turned and my little 50 seat bistro with a thriving catering operation was too new to withstand the double whammy of a crumbling economy and a December with multiple weekend snow storms. Currently I work as the executive chef of one of Boston's premeir catering outfits which is known for impecable food and timeliness as a drop off corporate caterer we deliver on average 55 catering drops day and as many as three times that. I manage a staff of eighteen to twenty-four, running a tight ship, maintaining quality, product and labor costs. I look forward to chiming in on threads regarding the localvore "farm to table" movement and hope to be an inspiration to others to follow the route of ethics while maintianing profits.
The Ethical Chef
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Welcome, Ethical Chef. You'll find many kindred spirits here. Have a look around at the site and don't forget to look in on the cooking articles. We hope you'll visit and participate often.

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