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Well, here I am! I'm a 17 year old aspiring chef. One of my best mentors is a chef and I deeply admire her life's work, and would like to become a chef myself. I've always been intrested in cooking, but it was not until my freshman year of highschool that I considered actually studying in depth the finer points of Culinary Arts.
I have very recently graduated from my highschool (Jan. 23rd, 2004). I will be attending Johnson and Wales University for Culianry Arts instruction. I would love to meet new and interesting people who can instruct me, inspire me, and challenge me. :) I am very eager to learn.
Also, as another note, I DO NOT WANT TO BE A T.V. CHEF!!! agh! I look forward to the challenge of long hours, hot kitchens, busy weekends and holidays, and the pressure of producing on a budget and time limit. THAT is why I am so interested in this business, NOT to be the next TV chef star. *huffs*
*grins* Looking for words of wisdom!
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Hi Tillie and welcome to the forum!!

It's been some time since I have read such a lovely post in Internet! Your post radiates energy, excitement and optimism!

You are going to attend a great school ( its Library brings tears to my eyes) and you are going to be introduced to the professional mentality from the beginning, this is very important.

In this forum you will meet some really great chefs that have a natural talent in cooking so, you came to the right place for inspiration with essence.:)

As for the celebrity chefs... well... you might change your mind later. ;)

Enjoy your staying!
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Welcome Tillie! I can see this will be a good association for you. We hope you'll visit often to learn and contribute. Don't miss the students' forum and the Logan's diary of culinary school at the main Chef Talk part of the site.

Congratulations on your early graduation and on the launch of your culinary career.

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