Green Garbanzo beans

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Never seen them offered for sale, actually never seen them at all.and do not know how they look like.
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I like to have them around when I can, but supply is supper spotty in my area.  For a while Cosco sold them bagged and frozen and that was a excellent product.  Canned are pointless (unless you have a thing for off grey tinned peas, then you might be into it.)  Better for cold or salad preparations, imho.
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Around here, Costco & some of the Indian grocery stores have frozen Garbanzo beans, though called chana or choliya in the Indian stores (usually Punjabi).  Nice in an Italian-style soup with carrots, tomatoes, onion, rosemary, parmesan rind & a grating of parm on top when serving.  Could add them to a rice pilaf, anywhere you'd add peas or fresh beans. Much better than canned & faster than cooking  dried chickpeas!
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Just noticed this today on a Vancouver restaurant lunch menu --

SALMON - Golden Potato Gnocchi, Green Garbanzo Beans, Crispy Ham, Tomato Vinaigrette
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Thanks, @summer57  for that menu item. I work for a food distribution company, and I have been tasked with how to potentially use the green variety. Thanks for sharing!

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