Green Chicken Chile

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    I wondered if a chef could eye this slow cooker recipe taken from Cuisine at Home Magazine.  I think there's a typo:

    4 cups Anaheim diced peppers

    4 cups tomatillo diced peppers

    2 cups jalapeno diced peppers (about 5 peppers)

    4 cups chicken broth

    4 cups chicken


    My concern is the peppers.  It calls for 2 cups of jalapeno peppers, but then says "about 5 peppers" in parenthesis next to it.  Obviously, it's a typo because I'd need closer to 25 jalapenos to make 2 full cups!?

    So I'm not sure what to do.  The yield is 13 cups, but the amount of peppers I have here could melt the polar ice caps.  My hunch is that it won't be nearly as hot as it looks after slow cooking for 5 hours.  But this is pretty intimidating...
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    Jalapeno peppers can be so wildly different in both size and heat that it's nearly impossible to tell. However 5 peppers to yield 2 cups doesn't sound so far off the mark judging by the large jalapeno one can find in the spanish markets around here. 

    Having said that, 5 jalapeno peppers may be too much heat for you. Not sure how much heat you like in your chile, but I recently did a large batch of green pork chile and only used 2 jalapenos. I also used Anaheim which are a bit spicy, and poblano which are a bit spicy. In the end the chile was slightly spicy but not too much. My 3 year old kid could eat it. I thought that was just perfect.

    I would say if you like really hot and spicy food go for 5 jalapeno, if you're not so much into super-spicy-hot food try cutting down to 2.