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cape chef, I'm sure you know what your talking about. But I am a Ahole and when I see someone challange my recipe, that it could'nt work or should'nt work it gets me a little P.O. so I'm sorry if your feelings got hurt, but did you ever stop to think you were doing the same to me.
In all respect to you and to our profession.
I apologize to you in sinsere hopes that you will forgive me for being condensending and rude. I am at times very passionate and other times I can be very, very arragant, about my food. But I will not stand down for what I beleive in, in any fashion. This is my character as a person and as a chef. I am not trying to be anything other then what I am.

Again, I apologize.
sinserly and professional,
Chef David Simpson
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I appreciate your reply.I am also one who is passionate about my food.Like I said, I can tell you are talented have a great career ahead of you. It is always easy to pass the buck,but your reply was one of a mature person.I guess it is time to leave the green beans on there own.Have a good day.
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Chef Simpsom,
I am sure You are a talanted chef. And have many years in the Kitchen. I would like to say however that I notice sometimes the way you respond to people can be alittle condensending and rude. I aslso have had many years in the kitchen and have a solid education in culinary arts and managment. I pride my self to project a proactive a positive attitude to all my staff and peers, by your last reply And the way you Capitalized your responce gave me a feeling that perhaps you we're trying to send some kind of message, perhaps that I don't know what I'm saying, Or maybe you are just trying to be cool. Whatever your motive is for you to know, But as a veteren of this industry I would appreciate your respect as i,m sure you would enjoy the same.I am not one to harber a grudge and only wish you much success in your already fine career.
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All this fuss over green beans? We are not in Kansas anymore!

At home I like to take the fresh beans and sautee (pan roast) in whole butter, sea salt and pepper, get them toasty and consume. Lovely buttery beany with a bit of caramelized crust.............

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The chef that showed me that trick was one of those guys that knew every short cut in the book. After leaving that place I never served those beans again, except that I did a different version. I made a very rich chicken stock and which I reduced way down to a glace (basically making a glace de volaille). I sauteed blanched green beans in whole butter, a little of the glace, and sea salt. The flavor was so much more robust and also a much cleaner taste as you can well imagine.

Cape, I started off in family places where using base was a way of life. It wasn't till later that I learned how much better food tastes without it.


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I am glad everyone was able to *agree about disagreeing* and sit down at the table together. That's one of the things I like about our cafe. I personally would hate to lose anyone because I've learned so much from everyone here.
The discussion also made me remember something one of my wise English professors said. He said that good writing activates all the senses; you can smell, see, etc through the words. So with this electronic medium, I find that I am not always able to understand the emotions or reasonings behind someone's e-words, so I am always careful with my translations of it.
Hope this makes sense.

Best wishes,
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Canned beans??!! Yuk. I thought they had gone out with the dinosaurs. With the real thing salt water blanching followed by shocking is the only way to go.The blanching should be done in a very large pot so that the water does not stop boiling when you add the beans. After that they can be sautéed with mushrooms, shallots, or what about preserved lemon?
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When I'm serving 300-400 people I have to serve the canned. I guess this post belonged more in the catering post. That's why I'm having a problem. Canned beans are nasty. I worry about using fresh if I can't always get the good clean quality.
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Why don't you use another vegatable other than greenbeans. I would never use greenbeans for a 400-500 dinner. That's alot of work for that many people. But if I had too, I would use fresh, never canned.
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If another veg is not an option for whatever reason; how 'bout frozen? Sysco's high end string beans are decent; can be lightly steamed and prepared in any of the above methods.

Good Luck!
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Mofo, thanks for respectfully disagreeing. I think next time I'll try the frozen. Thanks everyone..You've been a big


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This is an old country cook trick, but to make canned green beans taste like (almost fresh) I drain them first, and reserve the juice. I then saute them in bacon grease, turning them often. I keep a lid on them while cooking. Meanwhile I add a whole onion, or more if fixing a large quanity. Salt and pepper, and I add ham pieces to the mix. You add back a little of the liquid til it is to your liking. It really does taste fresh. This method is not low-calorie I'm afraid. But, tasty. PJ
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Hey! Why are so many chefs getting steamed over beans?

This is what makes this site so important. Something that seems so simple...gets people so passionate! This only shows the level and quality of people on this website. What a site! Gotta love it.....

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