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Sorry, I really had to include a sad pun for a title.

Well, hello hello. My name is Scuppernong. According to my family I'm a bit of a "disaster in the kitchen", but I think my cooking skills have improved quite a bit, glad to say. I especially enjoy baking and try to do much of that when I get the chance. Needless to say, I do have trouble boiling water, but I am working to improve. :)
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Hi and welcome to chef talk.

You know,you're probarbly not the disaster in the kitchen your family like to think you are.  I find families like to hang on to one little disaster and make it a topic of derision and they're giggling about it forever.
I can be brilliant all year in my families eyes, but make one mistake and they zero in on it like a comedian to a punchline. "OMG, doyou remember. when she..."
Because you're here, I reckon you really enjoy cooking. Tell us about your failures and successes and we'll help you out or cheer you on

Why not start a thread.It could be about your disasters, and we'll get right back to you with ours

I'm just a temp moderator, but if you need any help around here ask away.Ican pass you're requests on,or you can contact the moderators directly.They're very happy to help

Look forward to hearing from you
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