Greeκ recipes for the most known dishes

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I've never been there, but most recipes originating from residents of the states (greek or not) have lemon in it, which made me wonder...
Somebody has given you incorrect information.  It's unfair to generalize what american people do especially if you've never been here.  Lemon is an amazing ingredient that can elevate a lot of dishes, but not all.  And quite the opposite of what you say is true.  Greeks put lemon on everything, not americans.

KY I've always gotten my blossoms from the farmer's market, next time I'll ask them if they're locally produced.  I've never seen them in supermarkets though alas I don't cook with them often in the states.  In greece my family has lots of courgettes in their garden and we eat them all summer long.  I meant to experiment with this  recipe I saw on Jamie at Home but never got around to it.  Time to head to the farmer's market and see if they have some still available.
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dip sauces.
Tzatziki-" τζατζικι".

This is yogurt mixed with cucomber, garlic,  dill and a little olive oil. The cucomber MUST NOT be mushed, but cut in short stripes, and the yogurt you will use should be fairly thick. It is not supposed to be watery, like a dressing, so try to strain as much water as possible from you ingredients. Suit the amount of garlic to your taste ( I consider the best tzatziki to be the one with the most garlic- in restaurats this is usually avoided for obvious reasons /img/vbsmilies/smilies//biggrin.gif), add black pepper and serve with an olive a a teaspoon of olive oil on the top. Dont overdo it with the oil, or your tzatziki will be runny and we don't want that.
I have enjoyed the above conversation and look forward to using these recipes...particularly the Tzatziki as I love it!
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