Great to be here!

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Welcome, KittyMom! Or dare I say, "Hello Kitty"? /img/vbsmilies/smilies/rolleyes.gif

Chef Talk is a wonderful place for home cooks (like you and me) to develop our skills, be exposed to new techniques, ingredients and flavors, and to listen in on discussions among the professionals. We've been running for about 10 years, so chances are there are earlier threads about nearly anything you can think of. The search tool will help you locate these earlier threads.

What are your favorite things to cook? Are there any techniques or recipes you'd like to master?

We hope you visit and participate often. We home cooks can read and enjoy all of the professionals' forums, but we mustn't post there. The general forums are open to everyone.

Post your questions in the most appropriate forum, and enjoy all there is to enjoy here at Chef Talk. 


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Hi Mezzaluna,

Thanks for warm welcoming note.  

I have tried to cook a wide range of cuisines in the past but cooking with herbs is my favorite. 

Chef Talk Forum would be very helpful for me to learn new cooking methods from the pros.


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