Great opportunity for starting a bakery-cafe or coffeehouse

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    Hey guys. I'm posting this here because I think it's a great opportunity for someone with experience who is looking to start their first restaurant or bakery-cafe.

    Karim 310/709-5577  [email protected]

    Restaurant/Bakery-Café opportunity.


    Fully equipped restaurant available for rent. Great opportunity for someone with experience wanting to start their own restaurant or bakery-cafe.

    Located in Independence, California, a lovely little town in the Owens Valley with beautiful views of the Eastern Sierras on one side of the valley, and of the Inyo Mountains on the other.

    The town is located 3 hours north of Los Angeles. There is a small lunch crowd from the local courthouse and county administration business. There is also a great deal of traffic passing through town, and the building is located right on the town’s main street, which is also Highway 395. Everyone coming up from L.A. on the way to Mammoth, or from Southern California going to the western part of Nevada, drives through Independence and past this building. The building is located directly across from the county courthouse, which is the town’s landmark.

    There are currently only three options for people wanting to eat in town: a Subway, a diner that is open only for breakfast and lunch, and a French bistro that is open for only for dinner. Although the building is currently set up as a restaurant, a bakery-café would be an excellent idea is well.