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I am posting this to encourage other members to share great dining experiences that they have had in the last year (or your last memorable outing, whenever it was). We all work a lot for a little money, so splurging on great food is hard. But I think it is so important, because if the food is the real deal then it reminds us of why we do what we work so hard every day to do.

Last night I had one of the finest meals of my life at Corton ( in Manhattan (Tribeca). The genius cooking there, chef Paul Liebrandt, has trained under several of the world's most venerated chefs (Raymond Blanc, Pierre Gagnaire, Marco Pierre White) and is quietly raising the bar for food in our country in his modesty sized venue. Without further ado, here is what I ate:

Amuse: Gougeres with bechamel (common, but beautifully executed), Green Almond Financiers, Spring Garlic Croquettes

Amuse 2: Tandoori Spiced Blowfish, Black Garlic, Cucumber, Combava, Flowering Herbs (mind blowing)

For the main plates, there is a main dish, then a small side to accompany it

First Course: Zucchini with glazed marcona almonds, pheasant veloute, sauce gribiche

Side: Zuccini veloute, pheasant consomme and slow cooked yolk, yuzu/fennel marmalade, octopus, bone marrow, squid ink brioche sable, black truffle-this was the single best thing I have eaten in the last 2 years

Second Course: Guinea hen roulade (sous vide with skin on and crisped), tokyo turnips, artichokes barigoule, cucumber fluid gel, parmesan spaghetti, breakfast raddish, guinea hen jus

Side: Ruby red shrimp, ballotine of guinea leg encrusted in pistachio (it was the size of a tootsie roll), herb gnocchi, morels and tarragon beurre monte. Simply stunning.

I know these dishes sound like they have almost too much going on, but the flavors were so perfectly calibrated and melded and the execution was absolutely flawless. It was one of those meals the makes you rethink and reaffirm your choice to be a cook.

I would love to hear about some other great meals had by members of this forum!
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There's a place here that hosts a monthly industry night where different crews volunteer to cook on this particular night. Anyways, best meal of the year was had there, no joke. First course was mini beef tartare served with little crostinis, oven dried tomatoes, swipes of mustard and aioli. The idea was to put it together like little burgers. As I was smilingly constructing my raw "sliders" the bartender came over and was all "you know you're the first one I have seen tonight actually putting it together like it's supposed to be." second course was a brilliant riff on the Quebecois classic poutine: sweet breads dusted in parm and deepfried served with rolled panfried potatoes and sauced with gravy. The third and fourth course get a bit hazy, as well I'm not going to lie, many beers were consumed. I remember dessert being surprisingly good. It was a blue cheese ice cream (the main reason this sticks in my memory is cause one of the guys I was there with is allergic to blue cheese) with a crumble of sorts. Despite the inadequate description of the meal, I remember it as being an amazing meal not just because we got to eat some wicked food created by our peers but also because of the convivial atmosphere. Everyone was just kicking back, chatting, laughing and eating. It was pretty much like a huge dinner party.
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