Great Article on Truffles

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Good article thanks Cchiu...I cooked at a conference where the main speaker was a mycologist who just got back from France where truffle propogation was being discussed.
9-12 years for them to grow, hazelnut as well as oaks produce and they are hoping more in the US will consider trying to grow them...
We have loads of oaks in Mo...and several of our state mycologist and hunters have wanted to hunt here...where oh where are you little truffle?
I use a white truffle honey from LULUS
and a white truffle oil that I buy out of Ca.
I 've not used a real live truffle, but I've eaten one and it was generous...not a shaving but a piece the size of a quarter...the flavor changed dramatically in my mouth, Grange Grunge wine comes close to the experience the flavor just kept going and changing....

I've gone to a Foie Dinner and would rather have had 1 or 2 servings not 5 or 6...ugh..I would think that truffles would be the same too much of a good thing does not make it better.The menu on the site was abundant with truffle.
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Interesting commentary shroomgirl.

I've never had real truffle. I hear truffle paste is by far better than truffle oil though. Any comments?
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