greasy carrots

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i grew carrots in my backyard and when i pulled them up they had this layer of grease all over they. even after i washed them they still had grease so i put the in a bowl of water and left them over night the next morning their was a white layer of grease on top of they water so i pour the water out and cut the carrot open and it was even greasy on the inside do any of you what is wrong with the carrots is it my soil?/img/vbsmilies/smilies/confused.gif


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I would toss them and have your soil professionally analyzed for contaminants.
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i did throw them away  , and will just buying potting soil help?
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Not if you merely mix it with your existing soil.

The Extension Office can help you with a soil analysis. Do get it done, because there's obviously something wrong.

You might, unfortunately, have an unsolvable problem. Unsolvable in the sense that the cost of correcting it might not be worthwhile. But you can consider several alternatives; including raised beds and containers instead of planting in the existing soil.
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That's kind of weird as I never experienced that before. Yeah, you better get someone to check your soil. Good thing you didn't cook the carrots, there might be some chemicals on it that would be bad for the health.
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Sure doesn't sound natural....& bizarre enough to keep the kids out of the garden til you know what's up.
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Take them & some dirt to a proffessional nursery/Garden centre to get an opinion-dont eat them (Carrots-not the dirt) until you know the cause-or it may give you cause for deep concern!

I too would be wary of contaminated soil or any pipe /grease pit that may be there-or has been there! Beware!


In Melbourne,Australia, i know of a housing estate built on the land from a battery factory-it was full  of ARSENIC....and a former Tip-that was never sealed properly and poisons/gas are now rissing to the surface of the filled land....

Though,your Carrots may simply be affected by a nearby plant/other veg too-science is amazing-but please find out for your own (and our) piece of mind...

Ahhhh-what about fertilizer-have you added any commercial or home made substance to help the carrots grow-cauld that be a possible cause??? Is someone else tending the garden too-have they added any grow plus or sterriods??? mmmm.
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