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Currently I am looking for part-time work and I have an opportunity to pick up a few shifts in a casino. Has anyone had experience working late nights early into the am. If so for how long and how did it affect your full-time job etc?
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Hi whitepnoi,

For me it was a blend of the money and the knowledge I could gain. I did full time culinary student and full time Baker/bench hand for nine months. I was 22 years old for this. When I was 29, I worked lates at a Marriott as a second gig, again as much for the knowledge as the money for about 9 months.

I was young enough to not have it affect my primary job much, but I doubt I could sustain it for much longer.

If your primary focus is just money, consider a security job where you sit at a desk for 80% and then make the mandatory rounds. This allows for studying or making menus, etc.

If there is something you can learn at the Casino, then maybe that is the way to go.

Consider your path based on what the goal is. Monetary only or is the goal to learn something while being paid?

Good Luck!

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