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Here's the slideshow, enjoy;

I made this last year for NYE. It's so easy to do.

I used very few sugar. Skandinavians use a 50/50 ratio salt/sugar that I really don't like; sugary fish, uggghhhh.


Gravad Lax; salmon, coarse seasalt, sugar, red pepper corns or any other pepper you like, eau de vie, dille.
Pour some eau de vie over the salmon. I used Italian Nonino destillate made from acacia honey. It's not sweet at all, simply totally divine. Use anything you like; wodka, a nice bourbon would be very nice too!
I used 2,5 tbsp salt mixed with 0,5 tbsp sugar. Put saltmixture on the innerside of both salmonhalves with pepper corns.
Re-assemble the fish, but first put a lot of dille between them. Wrap tightly in cling film, but make sure you can open the sides to pour the liquid away. Put in on a plate or small tray.
Put in fridge with a weight on top; I used a small cuttingboard, topped with a can of beans of 1 kilo that's in my kitchen since forever.
Each 12 hours, turn the fish and drain the fluid. I left it in my fridge for 3 days.
The structure of the fish completely changes from soft to nice and ferm.

Blinis; peel and cook non waxy potatoes. Puree while still warm. For about 30 blinis; 180 grams puree, add 40 grams plain flour, an egg, p&s, a little cream, whisk and add milk until it has the consistency of thick mayo. Fry half tbsp's in a little oil. I reheated them before serving in a non-stick pan.

Sour cream; Make your own!! Per 20 cl fluid plain cream, add 1 tbsp (or more to taste) lemonjuice, stir well and put in fridge, best 12 hours.
Becomes thick in fridge without whisking and deliciously fresh and sour.

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