grating lemon rind

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I recently made a fabulous cake from Fine Cooking magazine, but it required a huge amount of grating lemon rind. Does anyone know of a device or a short cut to doing this laborious task?
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you mean besides a microplane? do you know of them?..they are actually really fast...just watch your knuckles!..its a long rasp with holes in it and a handle..the microplane comes in different sized grates..fine and medium..i also find if you refrigerate the lemons first, they are easier to grate...the fine grater grates it really fine too...i use the medium one for cheeses and also if i want a bigger zest for lets say, zucchini fritters....mine is a cuispro...very handy dandy tool, for sure...i have retired my zester for lemon twists for martinis and for cucumbers

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