Grass vs grain feed beef

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Store had a sale on steaks so i went to buy some and found they were grass feed from Australia. There appearance was pretty much the same but the difference was in the cooking. I found grass feeds fat seam to liquefied more and taste was more none fat while grain feed became tuff and chewy and didn't melt as much. The meat had a different texture, grain feed tuffer and chewy while grass feed kind of melted right away and was much easier to chew. Taste was also different not sure which i like best but you could tell the difference. How do you chefs look at both, grass feed chop meat is $18 for 3 1lb. Packs, got $2 off so bought some to try.
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Beware of broad conclusions after a single test/taste. Just because you've tried a red car that was faster than a blue car doesn't mean all red cars are faster than blue cars. You didn't compare only grass- vs grain-fed: there were many other differences between the two steaks you compared, that you didn't account for.

IMO the opposite of your findings is generally true: grain fed is easier to chew, grass fed has more bite. But it depends on the cuts, on the beef, on its provenance, how it was cut etc.

Grain fed has more marbling, it lends itself to a longer cooking time. Grass fed on the other hand has little marbling and is better with a shorter cooking time IMO.

I also find that grass fed has a stronger, cleaner taste. Grain fed is a little... "dirtier" tasting, and less... "focused". It's hard to put it into words.
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You're probably very lucky.

I've eaten countless grass-fed beef from Australia (from reputable brands), and I have to say that they are mostly the worst beef in the world.

No amount of aging would make them remotely edible.

Tenderloin would be the only exception. They are pretty decent compared to other cuts.
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I buy grass fed form a local rancher in MN. I can't eat grocery store beef anymore, it is tasteless and the texture is lacking. Grass fed cooks faster due to being leaner. The beef I get is hung and aged for 2 weeks and most store beef isn't. That affects flavor a LOT.
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I bought some boneless ribeye from Australia and it was delicious. It's a quick sear both sides to be sure as it's very lean, but don't diss it because you had a bad experience owing to a lack of experience. I treat it like I treat venison and it turns out very well.

FYI - most beef in the US that is not grass fed is finished with corn.
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FYI, the cows being fed in feed lots aren't being finished with corn. There is a mix that is made up for them to gain weight over a period of time. The cows are also given a shot so they don't over eat. At one time I brought my cows to be finished at a local feed lot when I didn't have time to corn finish them myself.
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I read they are given a shot because they don't digest corn readily. I have a farmer friend who leaves his calves on the tit for a year then pastures and grains them on and off till they are ready. He takes twice as long to bring his cattle to market weight than typical cattle farms do and it shows in the taste and texture of his product.

Personally I'll eat venison over beef any day.

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