Granton Slicers

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Does anyone have any advice on what kind/brand of slicer to get. I know that the company Granton makes them and that they are supposed to be fine, but I was wondering if there were any forged granton edge slicers that are thin enough for anyone to recommend.

I'd appreciate any input.

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I've got a real Granton Granton, and something similar by Sanelli that I actually like a lot better. The indentations on the Sanelli blade do not extend to the edge, so I can sharpen it with a normal stone and steel. The grip is soft rubber and fits my hand very well -- and it's green and red, so no one else is going to think it's theirs! And man, is it sharp! Best of all, it was quite inexpensive.

The Granton came from Knife Merchant; the Sanelli from Broadway Panhandler.

Hope this helps.


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Man, the flexible granton edge salmon slicer by Wusthof Trident is awesome. It's hard to justify $130 but when you get that thing in your hand and feel that first paper thin slice of salmon melt in your mouth....

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