Grandmom´s Baked Jacks For 2 Vegetarian Six Year Old Twins

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    By. Margcata.

    Would truly enjoy hearing from some of the Community about an array of simple and fairly quick recipes for two very active little boys. 

    My 6 year old twin grandsons, Fillippo and Christophe are absolutely enthralled when Grandmom comes to visit them in Switzerland, as they know their favourite baked jacks shall be on the bill of fare ... Of course, children can be challenging to cook for on a steady basis however, these kids are little Popeyes and love their veggies, however, they do not eat red meat whatsoever, so though they are not totally vegetarian, however, they have never eaten red meat. A vegetarian quiche perhaps ? Anyone have a great quiche recipe ?       

    Preparation time: 15 minutes

    Cooking time:  55 minutes

    Difficulty: Minimal

    4 roasting potatoes of choice

    15g butter without salt

    1 tblsp heavy cooking cream

    100g Ceps or other wild mushroom variety of choice

    3 tblsp extra virgin olive oil

    1 tblsp fresh minced parsley

    1 garlic clove minced

    salt and freshly ground black pepper to taste

    1. Preheat oven to 180 centig degrees.

    2. Wash the potatoes well ( without peeling ) and pat dry with abosrbent paper towelling.  

    3. Cut aluminum foil sheets and place the potatoes on the sheets, fold, seal and place in oven for 55 minutes.

    4. Wash the Ceps thoroughly and pat dry on absorbent paper towelling.

    5. Peel and mince garlic clove.

    6. Heat sartén with the olive oil and the butter and sauté the garlic clove until golden and add the parsley and the Ceps. Cook 10 minutes or until Ceps are tender.

    7. In 55 minutes, open the foil packages, and slice the baked potatoes ( partially in half ) so that you can scoop out part of the potato flesh and 

     mix the potato flesh with the cream and 1/2 the butter to form a " thick purée " of mashed potatoes.

    8. Salt and pepper to taste.

    9. Take a pastry icing sleeve or use a spoon and pass the mashed potato concoction back into the baked skin of the potato.

    10. Then, spoon the Ceps over the mashed potato and serve hot.
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    My kids (one also didn;t like meat much as a kid and is now a full fledged vegetarian) used to like a quiche made with grated potato crust - you just grate the potatoes, mix with salt and pepper and press it very well into a very-well-buttered quiche pan (even better, line it with parchment paper and then butter it). 

    Cook it until it starts to get a little tan, and then mix the eggs, a little milk or cream, grated cheese - or whatever kind of filling you like. 

    Other good things kids like are usually lentils (which give both protein and iron) (for full protein you can add pasta or rice or bread - e.g. a lentil soup with a sauteed chopped garlic, onion, celery, carrot base, cook the lentils, then you can add some spinach towards the end.  Toast some rustic bread, rub with garlic, put in the bowl and pour the lentil soup over it. 

    Or add rice, or pasta instead

    Or make them less liquid and serve as a side dish. 

    Pasta e ceci is also very good, full usable protein and very tasty and kids like it because it's creamy.

    Sautee chopped celery, carrot, onion, garlic in olive oil till tender.  Add the soaked chickpeas and water, and cook till tender.  Remove a cup or two of chickpeas and then puree the rest with an immersion blender, a moulin (food mill) or blender (but beware, let it cool first or it might spurt hot soup all over you).  Meanwhile cook short pasta, (traditionally a mix of everything leftover from all the various packages you have), drain and add to the soup and cook a few minutes more.  Add the chickpeas again. 
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    Thanks so much for your great vegetarian suggestions for the twins. They love lentils, pasta A to Z and creamy risotto or creamy rices ... Very healthy ... Shall definitely try these when I go to visit the 12th December as their mom is going to bring home a new brother. What I like too is they are simple, non complicated and preparation time minimal.

    Do you live in Roma ? Steeped profoundly in history ... I love Italia very much, and travel over from Madrid twice a year. I used to live in Florencia and Milano during the 1990s ... My paternal side of my family and dad was from Milano. Have a lovely day. Gracías.