grand opening dreams!

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Update on my waiting,,,,,,,we're going in for orientation in two weeks, and the restaurant should be opening the first of March.

The other night, I woke up drenched in sweat from my 'opening day' nightmare!!! I was in the kitchen, first day, and found that the owners/manager hadn't ordered any of the equipment we needed - not the big items, but smaller stuff, whisks, peelers, etc. In my dream, I was improvising all day - and of course we were slammed! Then, I opened the freezer, and about a ton of loose frozen french fries spilled out all over the place, almost covering my 4 ' 11" self!!! that's when I woke up!

Cheeeech! Think I ought to do my own mental rundown of kitchen 'gadgets' before we actually open?



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LOL!!!! I can relate to work related dreams (nightmares) as I have them way too often!! With opening just a month away I am sure the stress and anticipation is starting to build. As for inventory of small wares, if I were you, I would be spending a few hours a day at the restaurant right now to make sure things go smooth, and that you have everything you need for opening. It sucks, when you walk in to a new place and don't have the things you need to get prep done for opening night because the owners didn't know better.
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Oh marmalady, You poor thing!

You are not alone with these kitchen nightmares. as you know there are so many details to consider when opening and running a kitchen. I can't tell you how many times i woke up out of a dead sleep wondering if I ordered this or that. It can be quite horrowing. If you looked in my bottom desk draw at work you would be amazed at how many peelers,church keys,whips,corkscrews,melon ballers,2-3-4-6 once ladles, tongs ETC you would find. Believe me you are not alone :)
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Maybe another post on the history of chile like the one that made Athenaeus who continues the research on spices,happy, will help you chill out

:D :D :D
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