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    My Grammy used to make this rolled pastry with raisins & nuts & rum (among a few other thigs I am sure) and baked it in a bread pan.  Being that she was an amazing cook & baker, she NEVER wrote down her recipes.  It was something that started with a "P" and had a "Q" somewhere in there /img/vbsmilies/smilies/tongue.gif.  I have been on the search for this for the last 5 years, and have not come up with anything that I remember being anywhere close to it.  Does anyone have any ideas on what it might have been and where I can find a recipe for it?
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    You're not supplying much in the way of help.  Given that your maiden name seems to be Italian, I'm going to take a leap and guess that Gram was Italian speculate some more.  Does presnitz ring a bell? 

    I know it doesn't go with what you remember from the name, but it's rolled, has raisins, nuts and rum, and originated in Trieste.  It's sort of strudelesque. 

    Anything you can do to better describe the pastry and Nana's background is going to help.

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    Now that's a nice word.  
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    I am not sure of the spelling, but she called it "Peet-n-que-sa" LOL... That's horrible, but it sounds it out.