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Joined Sep 21, 2001 in-laws from New Jersey call it 'wooder'.
The first time I met my in-laws they had just gone to the Wooder Park. They loved the wooder. But the wooder at our house tasted funny and they had to buy bottled wooder.
I really really love my spouse and held it together not to burst out laughing every time I heard the word 'water'.
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Warsh as in "wash" the car is very common in certain accents depending on where you live.
How about Bootcher for butcher and Cah for car...?
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Oh! I knew I shouldn't have read this thread when I saw the title. I could be here replying for months.

The one that sticks is my mind was when I was at catering college (ages ago) and one of the students asked the lecturer, "How do you spell 'bowl'?" (Huh?)

She replied, "B-O-W-E-L".

I was shaking my head in disbelief. Didn't know whether to laugh or cry. Of course it didn't go down too well when I corrected her error. It's childish, but in my household we still sometimes refer to bowls as bowels.

A more modern irritation is this new(?) tendency to add superfluous words to verbs. In ye olden days we'd reduce something. Now it always seems to be reduce down. I mean, how can you reduce something up? It's just reduce isn't it?
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