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    Hi all-

    Hoping to get some great ideas from all you great cooks out there.  We're hosting a HS graduation reception at our house for about 150 people.  It will be a come and go type reception.  I plan to have the food indoors and have plenty of seating indoors with overflow to the patio area.  Our menu plan is for pulled pork and brisket, baked beans, party potatoes (cheesy potatoes), an assortment of salads, veggie trays with dip, fruit platters with dip, cake, punch, tea, soda.  Does anyone out there have any suggestions for perhaps better menu ideas.  Need food that can be made in advance (at least a day or two).  Also if anyone has any tried and true suggestions for a way to serve the food (placement for best flow, etc. in the room) or just any ideas that worked for you).  Things you would have done differently???  

    I also need help with quantity of food for that many people.

    Thanks so much!!
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    WoW, thats a lot of people. I did a similar grad party for my daughter's HS grad, but only about 50 people, did almost the same menu you are offering except we didn't have brisket. I didn't own a real smoker then (I do now), however I was able to smoke the butts using my weber gas grill and rotisserie. With that many people there will be some who do not want beef and pork, so you might also have some "pulled chicken". I smoked then the chicken in a Weber Kettle . However you have so many people so I don't know how you are going to cook all that food, unless as you say do it a day or two ahead in batches. If you are doing "pulled", most serve a slaw with it either on the side or on the sandwich. The cheesy potatoes could be replaced with a cold potato dish, just one less headache to keep warm.

    Sounds like a lot of fun, enjoy the fellowship and your food.
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    I think the menu sounds great.  Your main concern would be traffic flow.  You'll want to set up stations in different rooms.  For example have all hot food set up in a buffet in the dining room.  Veggie platters, chips and dips can be on a side bar in the family room.  Drinks should be set up in the kitchen.  That way you don't have a huge hold up of someone waiting to get brisket while some dude is at the end of the line struggling with a pepsi bottle while holding a hot plate.  Set up a few different places for napkins so people can easily get them.  Doing a big party like that I've also seen grill work at the same time, so someone can be grilling hamburgers for example which would be another food station.