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I have a home Cupcake Catering Business. I use a lot of Italian and swiss buttercreams. We just finalized a store front for our cupcake biz in NJ. Can anyone tell me if I can keep the cupcakes at room temperatur at the store or should I get a temperature controlled show case. Please help - M
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Hey there M,

Your best bet is to check with the State and local health departments. I know up here in New England storage requirements for "potentially hazardous foods" (PHF) are dictated by the health department.

You (or a member of your staff) would likely have had to get your Food Safety Manager Certification just to operate your business.  Such a course provides information about the proper storage of PHFs. If you don't have the certification yet, you'll probably need to get it or risk penalties/closure.



Also, it matters where you do the baking. Will you continue to bake in your home or are you moving production to the store front?

I don't know if NJ allows a homestead/residential kitchen. Again, up here it depends on the State. Some do allow in-home baking but only for non PHFs.  So, for example, cakes are ok (even though they might use dairy ingredients) but not cheesecakes. Mainly because one requires refrigeration and the other does not. And some States go by the amount of revenue you expect to generate. Over a certain amount may not be allowed. And, pets are a no-no in any kitchen.

Just a few of the things you need to think about.  Good luck!!
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I would advise to get a temp controlled case for your product. It will help keep it stable.  Congrats on your business! I chose to keep all of my cupcakes online. /img/vbsmilies/smilies/peace.gif

Would love to see some of your work! I do a featured artists section on my site. Decorated Cupcake Ideas
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