Got the Name, now need recipe ideas!

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Hi All

We've got a growing ice pop business here in the NY Metro area. We've been getting some fabulous melons from local farmers recently and now that Irene and Lee have drenched the area, we're inundated with tons of fully ripe and super juicy melons of all sorts.

We've come up with a name for a new melon pop-the Melonius Funk!

Now we need ideas for the pop and wondered what you creative folk would come up with. 

We have three melon pops already-Watermelon(duh!) Honeydew-Lemongrass and Cantaloupe-Ginger and we don't want to repeat those, but come up with something new. 

We'd love to know your ideas.

Melons available are Honeydew, Golden Kissed, Lemondrop, and Canary
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Just wanted to say that I think the name Melonius Funk is great. It's got such a ring to it, you don't even have to know who Monk was. And if you do know, all the better. I can just image people saying they're going to the Funk!
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Canary Melon and Honey

Honey Drop and Sweet Cream(like an orange cicle but with Cantelop)

Honeydew Gazpacho(cucumber, cilantro, sweet onion)

Honeydew Tarragon and Honey

Golden Kissed, Cilantro and Chili with Brown Sugar
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